Universa Laus’s research has produced two documents.

The first, published in 1980, concerns music, its role in the christian assembly, in different cultures, sung and instrumental music. The ritual aspects of music are explored and a series of common-held beliefs detailed.

‘Singing and music are a structural part of Christian liturgy. Singing and music in the liturgy are at the service of the people gathered together to celebrate.’

The second document was published in 2002. This condenses the work of the years since the first document and considers listening, singing and the liturgical celebration.

‘God creates through the Word. All human beings are called to associate themselves with this work of creation. The Word stirs up a people which speaks and which is constantly listening. All Christians are invited to make themselves ready and waiting to give their response to God.’

Original Text:

pdf document Document 1, French

pdf document Document 2, French

Official Translations:

pdf document Document 1, English

pdf document Document 2, English

pdf document Document 1, Italian

pdf document Document 2, Italian

pdf document Document 1, German

pdf document Document 2, German